The Bridgeable Math Gap: Lessons Learned from Dyslexia

The Bridgeable Math Gap: Lessons Learned from Dyslexia

You’ve heard of dyslexia, but have you heard of dyscalculia?

As educators, we’re well versed in teaching literacy, yet struggle when a student claims, “I’m just not good at math.” Instead of perpetuating dyslexia’s 40-year literacy struggle, let’s proactively bridge the math gap, learning from past experiences to uplift both educators and students.

Dyscalculia should no longer be an obstacle for a student, a mystery to a teacher, or a burden for a school district. We have everything we need to address this condition head on.

Join our panel of education experts as we explore:

  • How to recognize signs of dyscalculia
  • The importance of timely intervention
  • Research on dyscalculia and potential associated conditions
  • Impactful teaching strategies for assisting students with dyscalculia and dyslexia 

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